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Saturn - Restriction, order, maturity, time: in Signs and Houses:.

Uranus - Originality, freedom, revolution: in Signs and Houses:. Neptune - Fantasy, illusion, spirituality, imagination: in Signs and Houses:. Pluto - Transformation, regeneration, power: in Signs and Houses:. Chiron - Wounded Healer, inner teacher: in Signs and Houses:.

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Natal Aspects - Astrology Meanings and Interpretations. Synastry Aspects - Astrology Meanings and Interpretations. Transit Aspects - Astrology Meanings and Interpretations. Current planets. Node M. Lilith M. Sedna is so insidious that it helps nobody.

And then Sedna will eat the person alive. False accusations, dirty cash, ill-gotten gains, downfall, reformed character, altruism, philanthropy, sacrificing a part of yourself for the greater good. Uranus on the IC , a frozen past and shock buried at the root of the chart. The DC is Capulus — aggressive, sexual male energy, the sword that decapitated Medusa, and within orb of Algol.


The partner can be the source of transformation, the death of her or in the end her savior. This is where victim or victimizer comes to play in relationships.

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Neptune is un-aspected , making it free to act pure Neptune, which can bring pure, poisonous deception. The Sun is on the South Node, both are on Unukalhai in the snake prominent in the 1st house. The nurturing principle is utilized in protecting the sea creatures and Sun trine Moon balances the conscious with the unconscious.

Moon conjunct Saturn can be icy cool emotionally. Mars square Venus also has issues about bringing sex together with intimacy. Mars opposite Jupiter can be a huge sex drive that has been suppressed and iced over.

Unlocking the Mysteries of Sedna – Mitch Horowitz

This can be why Sedna can be quite frigid. That Moon happens to be on Pollux the evil twin , conjunct Ceres on Procyon the little dog. The very aspect that could liberate her Ceres trine Sun and AC is also the aspect that she is most embarrassed about. Lilith is also squaring this axis too, showing Sedna in exile from her home and family. I think the chart reflects the myth really well. Only time will tell if this way of looking at the new discoveries will help us understand how they work in the chart. Ethereal and mermaidy Uma Thurman.

Margaret Thatcher had Sedna quincunx her AC. Gifted child Wolfgang Mozart had a pushy stage-dad, died early and was buried in a paupers grave.

Barrett disinherited Elizabeth, as he did each of his children who married. Mia Farrow. Betrayed by her husband Woody Allen by him having an improper relationship with her adopted daughter. Drew Barrymore had a notoriously troubled childhood. Neptune discovery chart. Kanesha Berry placed duct tape across the mouth of her 4-day old son and left him in the trash to die.

Charles Prince of Wales was forced to marry Diana by his impatient father. Nazi propagandist Paul Joseph Goebbels had a deformed foot.

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Marcel Duchamp. Commitment-phobe George Clooney famously has never married despite being named the worlds sexiest man. Sarah Bernhardt French actress famously slept in a coffin. William Blake, poet, artist and visionary way ahead of his time. Controversial artist Tracy Emin was raped at 13 and aborted twins at 18 because she was afraid of her family. She famously exhibited the bed she had slept in while feeling suicidal due to relationship difficulties, complete with knickers and condoms.

Dolly Neimans amassed huge wealth from prostitution but was strangled to death.

Valerie Solanas suffered sexual abuse from her father and her grandfather a violent alcoholic who beat her. Alanis Morissette singer-songwriter, mermaid long hair and wailing. Dennis Nilson gay killer. Gwen Stefani, another singing siren, known for her loopy, unpredictable voice. Pebbles Santiago Missing child prostitute. Barbara Plekker Dutch prostitute and homicide victim. David Icke, famous for his out-of-this-world theories. Vincent Van Gogh suffered for his art and once tried to cut off his ear. Robert Kennedy , a victim.