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Just take a deep breath and go back to dreaming together! Everyday is an adventure. I have to challenge him,he gets bored quickly.. Them on the flip side he can be whinny and cry constantly.. LOL Welcome to having a Pisces child! They swim whichever way the energy stream carries them! One minute they are laughing and on top of the world and the next they are in a pit of despair.

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To a Capricorn, this can be so confusing and frustrating. I am an Aries woman married to an Aquarius man we are going to have a little Pisces boy join us, any advice for us young soon to be parents? And really just wondering how our signs will affect our lives intertwined together, especially since both my husband and I have different ideas on parenting! To some, Aquarius is the 4th, hidden, water sign. So, along with your new Pisces baby boy — these two will dream big dreams together. Get on with making dreams become reality. But your Aquarius and Pisces will find just as much personal satisfaction in dreaming dreams as they do in doing them.

So, try not to get frustrated with them. I am a gemini mom and my husband is a Cancer. Our son is March 18 and all that you say is spot on, he can be very emotional and feelings easily hurt especially with his father.

He is very imaginative ans always tells us he doesnt want us to get old and he doesnt want to grow up. He was a premie born at 24 weeks as a twin, but brother didnt survive. Sorry if im ranting. Lol just wondering if there is a connection! So, perhaps looking into twin symbolism could be helpful. Of all the zodiac signs, Pisces are the most sensitive. Overwhelmingly, when one twin transitions to the other side it can leave the surviving twin feeling lost — as if a part of them passed on as well.

I definitely think your twin sign Pisces is feeling the loss of his twin.

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Maybe he could see a counselor that is experienced with twin loss? I do understand the twins were babies when the loss occurred but energetic connections are energetic connections. Hope that makes sense. As for school — Pisces children are notorious for lack of focus. They just want to ebb and flow like water does and go with the flow like fish do. Pisces children do NOT like to feel trapped.

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Pisces like to learn in short spurts — even if they LOVE the subject matter. He already has a sense of what it means to be mortal. You can help him by introducing him to the teachings of many different cultures as regards death and what happens when we get to the other side.

I am so glad I found this page!!! My daughter is also a Pisces 9months. Our birthdays are actually 9 days apart. And my husband is a Virgo. Can you give me an idea on what to expect with 2 Pisces and a Virgo in the same household? Any advice? Ooooo a mommy and daughter Pisces! Talk about true soulmates! Now, Virgos have confidence issues anyway.

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  5. So, just be on the lookout for this. It can help if you actively and consciously look for ways your Virgo hubby can be part of the special world you and your daughter create. We had a bond that was the kind they write about in books and you see in movies. We have a very strong bond, but I always just chalked that up to a normal mommy-daughter thing. Because of this, having a strong, healthy relationship with my daughter is soooo important to me. Thank you for all of your help.

    Apologies for the tardy reply. Was on vacation. So happy to help! Thank you for taking the time to comment on and thank you for visiting BuildingBeautifulSouls. I must say that this does sound a lot like me when I was growing up. Always in fairy land, creating new worlds and new friends to play with.

    I mostly enjoyed spending time with my parents though, and can honestly say that my best friend of all was my dad a Leo. I often find that I cannot spend too much time around people who are sad or angry as I take on all the feelings myself and let them build inside me.

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    My daughter 4 months was born on the 22 August. Does this make her a Virgo? Will we match well with our signs do you think? Your daughter is born on the cusp of Leo and Virgo. To get an accurate understanding of how your personalities will match, I would recommend getting a reading from a learned and experienced astrologer. My personal astrologer is Sara Gilbert.

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    She writes the month horoscope column here at BuildingBeautifulSouls. You can visit her site at LifeSpiritConnections. OMG you are spot on when it comes to my son, thats exactly what it is, he works in short spurts. No one can seen to understand, he teacher wants to have him tested to see if he has any delays.

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    8. Anddd my mom is and aquarius she always tells me my son misses his twin brother, thats so crazy to me. I didnt think he would feel that loss, but its true and I feel sometimes he feels loney. Its so true me and Dad are his bestfriends, hes our little third wheel. Lol always with us, never wants yo leave????.

      Dreamy and Steamy

      My little pisces! Please accept my condolences.

      Your mom is absolutely correct. When a twin zodiac sign loses a twin in real life, they always feel as though part of them is missing. Kudos to you! Dad is a Pisces. Wondering about our dynamic as a family and their bond as brothers! Happy Holidays! Did your Capricorn baby come into the world yet? LOL As a Scorpio mom, it will be important for you to try and help your Capricorn understand all the water sign personalities around him.

      Hi there.