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With In Search of Destiny , Edith Hathaway pulls together a wide array of astrological research to reconstruct dramatically our understanding of the human experience through providing astrological context. An astute and highly respected Vedic astrologer , Hathaway successfully reveals the mysterious astrological thread behind the evolution of modern culture by applying astrological symbol to the study of history, politics, and the arts.

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When seen through the astrological lens, our collective experience gains depth and meaning, adding the missing link to more conventional interpretations of human events. It is a narrative of individual dharma woven in the context of collective destiny. Above all this is a book that explores and measures time.

Edith starts her exploration of time with the classic Hindu concepts of the smallest amount of time, a prana consisting of 4 seconds, to vast Maha Yugas , lasting hundreds of thousands of years. Careful documentation of sources and painstaking attention to the accuracy of historical details add to the academic excellence of the volume. What I write about this book does little justice to the extraordinary lengths she has gone to put some brilliant ideas into her path-breaking work. These periods spread over 60 to years are, according to her findings, of great significance impacting and changing the color and course of trends.

She correlates major historical events of Europe, the Americas and the European colonies to the mutation periods in support of her hypothesis.

And with the individual biographies she continually brings us back to this larger picture. If this art is extended to understand why what has happened happened, through a study of historical figures, a superfine insight is brought into play. We astrologers do this in fragments while Ms. Edith Hathaway has done it most comprehensively to explain many historical events of the USA and of world history. That is a remarkable achievement.

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In clear and understandable language she describes the key aspects of Vedic astrology relating to the various ascendant types and shares her wealth of experience with her readers. In he met his Guru, the renowned Vedic Astrologer and spiritual adept, M. Gandhi, who predicted Jim would become an astrologer. Gandhi not only offered to train him personally, but also invited him to become his assistant.

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Initially Jim studied Vedic astrology in India under Gandhi's guidance. During this time he also traveled on long pilgrimages with his teacher to many of India's most important spiritual centers. After this period of intense study and travel in India, Jim moved to London, where he worked as a professional astrologer, assisting Gandhi with his diverse international clientele for the next 5 years.

In , Jim moved to the United States where he quickly became one of the nation's leading Astrologers. At the request of several spiritual organizations, he traveled and lectured throughout the United States and became known for his accurate world predictions. Jim has a busy private practice in Los Gatos, California. The rise of fundamentalist Islamic terrorist groups is related to Rahu, in astrology.

Rahu has been transiting in the Sign of Virgo warfare. Rahu entered Virgo on the 13th of July, one day before the leader of ISIL broadcast a video on the international stage announcing his intention to wage war on the rest of the non-ISIL world. Now that Mars is in Aquarius, it is casting an agitating influence on Rahu, making it more probable that violent and unexpected events will flare up in January or Early February. On January 27th, Rahu's aspect on Mars becomes exact, making the period for about a week, on either side of that day, much more prone to acts of terrorism in general.

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For individuals, the effect of this transit really depends on the particular placements of planets in your chart. In general, this is a time to simply take it easy. It is prone to flare ups of anger, and it is somewhat accident prone.

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So just go slowly. And yes, it is a good idea to cancel your appointment to go sky diving at that time. Interestingly, James spent months in Washington, D. This conjunction is exact in January, which sets the tone of what is to come in Uranus symbolizes new beginnings, awakening, and the future while Ketu represents the inner worlds and our spirituality.

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On the negative side, it will inspire fanatical extremes that will use outrageous measures to enforce their beliefs. Uranus rules radical and rebellious attitudes and Ketu, associated with Mars, pertains to the inner insatiable burning desires to fill an empty incomplete feeling. Many do not understand what this emptiness is about and search outside themselves to fill this desire through negative sources which bring a deep sense of disillusionment. The last time Uranus conjoined Ketu in the sign of Pisces was Pisces is the sign that connects us to other worlds and spirituality.

During this time there was a great spiritualist movement.

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Note that this spiritualist's movement of looked at the spirit as outside themselves. They connected to spirits that have passed or angels outside themselves. Now is the time to connect to the spirit inside ourselves….